I have some exciting news, that is also why I haven’t posted in so long, last week we found out we will be moving into a new home at the end of June and have to start packing to move our of our apartment by the end of May! While we are very excited we have a lot to do very quickly so I may be short on posts for a while.

That said, this past Sunday Amanda, Wruggles, and I took a short walk at to the Gooch Cavesas Amanda called it in Hammond Pond Reservation, near Boston College and Newton Centre. We parked by the theatre at Hammond Pond and headed into the woods. We walked a bit in this part of the woods, passing climbers and other people walking their dogs, and lots of rock, trees, and swamp or marsh areas.

Walking trail in Newton, MA
A branch near the bottom of a tree turns growing into a rock

Eventually we got to the road, Hammond Pond Parkway and crossed before the train tracks. Once we crossed the street we quickly found the Gooch Caves, a bunch of rocks that had fallen and broken in ways that formed little caves. Here we explored the different caves. We found trees growing on top of the rocks and one had a branch growing out from the bottom of it that ended in rock. We also ran into a dead rabbit before continuing our walk.

Tree roots in beautiful patterns coming out of the ground
Amanda walking her dog Ruggles in the woods

As we continued to walk we decided to turn in that way that seemed to be  circle so we wouldn’t get lost. We ran into a well laid path and found it lead to another parking lot, wishing to continue our walk we headed back into the woods.

Ruggles the dog hiking in the woods climbing rocks
Tree leaves blowing in the breeze

We immediately ran into more large rock formations which we followed Wruggles up. On top we found more than we expected, it was not rock alone but it’s own little environment up there with lots of small trees, grass, and moss. While on top of the rocks the tops of trees were much closer but while one side of the rock seemed well above the ground the other side met it easily. If we had come from the other direction we might not have thought it was a significant rock formation.

Fallen tree with moss growth and a new tree springing from it

After we climbed down we noticed we were close to the road again but first we stumbled upon a fallen tree and saw quite literally how things return to the earth and bring new life. There was a baby tree growing right out of the fallen tree and strangely enough it was covered in wreath leaves around the bottom. Moss had also made its home all along the length of the fallen tree and it looked a bit like a path as your eye followed it along the trunk.

After spending some time here we continued back across the street again and back to the car.

Below you can see a map, taken from google, that estimates the path we took.

Google Map of walk to Gooch Caves in Newton

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