This post is mainly a large gallery of photos I love from the first year with our dog Kai. Kai joined us August 8, 2020, at 8 weeks old. She is a blue merle Australian Shepherd.

Similar to many young children I loved animals and dreamed of being a vet when I grew up and while I went down a different path that love of animals never left. I grew up with a dog for much of my life and when he passed I had already met my now-husband who had a dog. We soon moved in together and I have continued to spend my life with dogs. Behr is now 12 years old and during 2020 we took the opportunity that my having 6 months of work from home provided to get a puppy! We welcomed Kai into our home at 8 weeks old getting to know Behr and our cat Simba. Kai is the youngest I have even had a puppy from and it has been a wonderful journey. The photos start from when we got her and grow to her at about 14 months old.

Instagram: @behr_thedog