Ice Castles Lincoln New Hampshire

Ice Castles NH

Rachel, Alexis, and I visited Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire in January. A group of artists come together and create these creations of ice with lights inside them. There is also a large slide, places to sit and take photos and just walk around and explore. It is kept very cold so that ice sculptures will last so you need to bundle up!

Stone Zoo Boston lite up for Christmas Zoolights


During December, The Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA sets up an event called Zoolights. They decorate the Zoo with Christmas lights and many decorations. My boyfriend and I visited, we had some hot chocolate, fried dough, and walked around. First we saw a lynx and an owl, then visited with a reindeer, the Santa’s Village set up, Canadian Flamingos and a few other animals including a baby sloth and it’s parents.