Fruit pizza breakfast

Cooking in our new Home!

I promise not to post about food too often but I enjoy cooking and with all the hard work it can take sometimes you just have to document it!

I can be a really picky eater but I love to cook and bake new recipes. Which means I find really specific recipes to try that end up being a bit complicated to make and make them over and over anyways! Because really, what other way is there?

I tried this awesome breakfast recipe for fruit pizza a few times! I will admit I made it the lazy way and skipped steps but the idea is the same. I just used bread I had around, burger buns since I don't buy much bread, regular cream cheese, and whatever fruit was handy that day. Putting things I love together just made sense.

Fruit pizza breakfast

Fruit and Fruit Pizza breakfast, cream cheese on toast with Kiwi, Grapes, and Clementine
breakfast and lunch fruit pizza and homemade spanish beef empanadas

Continuing with the complicated foods, my boyfriend and I love to make and eat empanadas. We will make 20 at a time and eat them all week! These I have no recipe for, we typically use beef spiced with Adobo, some shredded cheese, and a can of corn or mixed veggies. We've also experimented and make empanadas filled with steak and cheese ingredients, just veggies, and mac n cheese with extra cheese. We plan to do more of these crazy experiments because who doesn't love fried food. To be a bit healthier we once tried this gluten free recipe, I must warn you it's tons of work, they're also good but it's not the same as something fried!

homemade spanish beef empanadas

Continuing with the fried food trend I recently tried this delicious recipe. Again it's tons of work but soooo worth it, I've already made it twice! I like making cauliflower but sometimes it doesn't have enough flavor for me, this recipe has all the flavor you could even want and I love the texture of the fried cauliflower, it just melts in your mouth. If you don't like the sauce yourself the same website has a recipe without it that adds a little more flavor while breading the cauliflower.

breaded and fried cauliflower
breaded and fried cauliflower in delicious asian sauce

I highly recommend any of these recipes!