To leave Shenandoah we drove the last part of Skyline drive stopping at any overlooks that interested us and continued straight on to Blue Ridge parkway, another scenic drive across the mountain tops. We had planned to stop early in the drive and hike to Humpback Rocks.

We stopped by the visitor center poked around and also changed as it was turning out to be a beautiful morning. We then drove over the the trail head and parked. This hike is short but with a decent amount of elevation gain. Alexis and I soon found ourselves ahead of our friends so we stopped at a bent over tree to use it as our personal playground while we waited for them to catch up.

Once at Humpback rocks we lingered at the view, took a lot of photos, and had a snack. Then we headed back down to continue our long drive. We made several other stops along Blue Ridge Parkway and it quickly became later in the day, the weather also grew wetter and foggy so we were driving carefully. There are a limited number of places to get off the parkway so we found ourselves leaving the area late and in the rain. Since we didn’t have a campsite booked for the night we decided to stay in a hotel instead of setting up in the rain.

Humpback Rocks

Milepost 5.8 on Blue Ridge Parkway
2 miles out and back hike
700 ft elevation gain