The more I post you’ll notice  that I LOVE animals and that my boyfriend and I have a lot of pets! For this post I’ll introduce three of our pets and there will be plenty more photos of them to come!

Dog getting annoyed being brushed

Dog getting brushed

First is Behr, he’s half lab half retriever = golden lab and seven years old. He’s a goofy dog. I met him when he was two and his personality really reflects my boyfriends. They’ll huff and puff at each other, they have grunt conversations, and this mostly happens when Behr’s complaining. He’s a happy dog who loves to greet everyone with hugs… except he wants to eat our smaller animals!

Cat cleaning himself

Simba being goofy

Cat hanging out on the floor

Second is Simba, he was our friends cat who we kind of adopted. He’s a fluff ball of six years and 12 lbs. He’s a funny cat and we affectionately call him Meow Meow. He’s been living with us for 2 years and it’s been fun to watch his personality change as he got used to us and our different pets and roommates. He’s a very curious kitty, who doesn’t like to be picked up, but he never scratches or bites but will incessantly meows at you until you put him down. If you make him mad he’ll take it out on the dog by running up him and swatting him (without claws), it’s funny to watch. Our smaller animals make him curious and it’s entertaining.

Lizard being a brat and refusing to eat

Lizard being a brat and refusing to eat

Third is Grizzy, he is our baby Bearded Dragon we got in late 2015. These photos are from when we got him and since then he’s already grown to 1 ft! He will reach 2 feet within 1.5-3 years (he’s only a few months old now). He’s also a friendly guy, he’ll come out and play with us and run around. He will stand still and then suddenly move very quickly, when he’s tired or cold he’ll cuddle up to us and just sleep. It’s fun to watch him chase his live food or, as in these photos, put his veggies all over his face when he didn’t want to eat them. He doesn’t seem to notice the other animals and isn’t scared of them.


I have a few more pets… but I just got them so photos will come later!