Owner walks dog and lizard in his neighborhood

The Animals Settle In

Moving the animals twice within a month of each other was quite confusing for them, but they've settled into our new home and are loving it.

beautiful home just outside of Boston

Behr is happy to have a yard to run around in and a bigger house to explore. He's also much closer to a few trails and state parks that allow dogs. He's a happy dog so it doesn't take much to please him but I'd like to think it was more than that.

goofy pet dog sleeping at the top of stairs


goofy pet dog Stretching at the top of stairs
goofy pet dog stretching at the top of stairs

Behr was unhappy with us for a while though, he only has one bed and in Allston we moved it from room to room for him, but at our new house we left it in the bedroom. Sometimes he'd want his bed so bad he'd go upstairs without us. For a dog who follows anyone who's moving around that is saying something. After he completed a difficult and long hike this past weekend (more posts on this after I finish editing the photos!) we thought he deserved a new bed for down stairs and he can't get enough of it.

Simba was the most nervous at first. He even slept under the bed instead of on it for almost a month. Now he happily runs around the house and spends time sitting on the chairs and floors in every room and takes up all our foot space on the bed again.

Long haired golden pet cat on stairs

Grizzy was an easy transition and a pretty good natured guy. When we take him out and let him run around in a still empty living room though he gets mad at the curious dog and cat who keep approaching him. He's gotten to play outside and go on walks with us since it's summer.

bearded dragon riding owners shoulder while on a walk

bearded dragon rides on owners back while on walk

Gizmo is still adjusting, she's active at all different times of day much earlier than usual. We have lots of sun in the new house and are still trying to find the best place so she can sleep through the day.

We also found a couple outdoor cats visiting our backyard.

Pet Sugar Glider legs and feet climbing their cage

Outdoor cats visit our back yard



Kiwi the Sugar Glider sleeping in Aleixs's hands


I must again apologize for the lack of posts and mention that I am between homes at the moment. I am working on getting all my thing together before I move again so I expect I won't be regular at posting until mid July.

This particular post brings sad tidings. This past weekend Kiwi, one of our two Sugar Gliders, died.

Kiwi was the more shy of our two suggies. She became more attached to Alexis and was easier to get to calm down and hang out. She also ate much slower than Gizmo, that time just kept increasing as her sickness progressed.

A bit less than a month ago we found her one day bleeding from her feet. She had chewed off the skin and a nail on both of her back feet. We took her into the vet and were given medicine to fight infection and heal her feet. After two weeks she appeared to be healing but she had bit her back feet again. We took her back to the vet and were given an anxiety medicine to try to stop her from biting her feet.

Kiwi the Sugar Glider Eating

We never found out why she started biting. Since Sugar Gliders are social creatures in the wild they hide any signs of illness until it is too late and that instinct remains today. It is hard to say if their was something else wrong that we couldn't see or if the medicine was too much for her small body. Until the last few days she was just as active and more cuddly than before.

We only had her for 4 short months of her life but she will be missed.

Kiwi the Sugar Glider climbing alexis with a cone head
Kiwi the Sugar Glider climbing alexis with a cone head
Kiwi the Sugar Glider climbing alexis with a cone head
Kiwi the Sugar Glider climbing alexis with a cone head
Kiwi the Sugar Glider climbing alexis
Kiwi the Sugar Glider climbing alexis