Snow White and the Hunstman

In honor of the recently released prequel I'm posting my Snow White and the Huntsman Inspiration post. I started writing this post a long time ago but wanted to rewatch the movie before I posted, however now seems to be the perfect time. As with my previous inspiration post on a movie I can't post any images so to see what I'm referencing watch the movie or view my pinterest board or google search.

When I started to think about movies that visually inspired me this was one of the first that came to mind, I think I had seen it most recently and hadn't expect to be so inspired, so it stuck in my head. The entire movie has some amazing visuals but what I loved the most, which might not surprise you if you read my last movie inspiration post on Maleficent, was the beautiful spot in the woods Snow White stumbled upon. Full of made up flowers based on familiar flowers but the wrong color or shape, familiar animals such as foxes and deer but also faries, cyclops mushrooms, and more. The scenery is so similar to out reality but full of little details that make it just a little bit more.

Snow White finds stumbles upon a place in the forest that is so different from the rest that the juxtaposition helps elevate it to an otherworldly place augmented by little details added to its wildlife that are beyond our world but without completely diverging from the familiar. It feels as if you could stumble upon such a place while you explore. There's an ethereal feeling to the moment when Snow White greets the stag at a very old tree, all creatures come together and the world is at peace.

I love the little details in the fairies, with their little elf ears and wings that practically disappear when they are walking but you can see the pattern wings on their bodies. How the large turtle passing is covered in moss, flowers, butterflies, and other small living things that live in harmony and are a part of him. How the mushrooms keep watch on all things that pass from their single eye. There is a unity in the landscape, in the peace between species, the colors and feeling of awe in a visit from a stranger.