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Definitions & Identity

I am a graphic designer full time so from time to time I may post design related content as well. For my first design post I may try to be profound and struggle to be a bit definitive and it may become inherently vague with philosophical tendencies, as definitions merely attempt to bring additional words together to impose a vision or intuitive understanding of a concept. As with my own explanation, the process of defining words and concepts is often quite circular. But I feel that I must string words together in an attempt to define what it is I do because there are many who will not stop to consider what design actually means and do not realize it's significance. We are so desensitized and hurried in our daily lives we do not always stop to think about the things we see, because they are a part of our daily lives we accept them without considering their importance.

Identity as defined in the dictionary is: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

Identity has become inextricably intertwined with our understanding of both design and photography but it’s meaning to each is elusive and every changing. As designers identity is born from our work. We are problem solvers who are tasked with bringing things to life by creating tangible and recognizable identities that represent information and concept. Identity for a designer is a series of visual devices that, when brought together within a set of constraints, construct a thing‑that define it. In photography we capture intangible moments in time within a limited field-of-view and define that ever passing moment, that location, that individual. The viewers perception of this elusive second of life is created by the photographer. The photographer shapes your perspective and creates a unique identity of that moment, within a single frame that gives it everlasting life.

Designers & Photographers create identity, bringing visual cues and elements together to represent the fact of who or what a person or thing is. We build your recognition of a thing. We alter your perception of a moment. We are the reason you define something the way you do.