Bridge over the Virgin River in Zion National Park Utah on the trail to Emerald Pools

A Late Afternoon in Zion National Park

When heading to Zion National Park we didn’t have camping reservations but we were lucky enough to have friends also going. They left Vegas before us and waited in line forever to get a campsite which we were lucky to join. The National Park campgrounds fill up fast!

We left Vegas a bit later in the day and got to Zion in time to visit the Visitor’s Center, set up camp, and do one of the shorter trails.

We took the shuttle down to the fourth stop where the trail to Emerald Pools began, you can also get off at the 3rd stop but that trail to lower Emerald Pools was closed due to rock fall. This version of the trail is about 3 miles if you do lower, middle, and upper Emerald Pools.

On our way up the trail we had beautiful views of the Virgin River and the canyon. The Virgin river is very small but it has carved it’s way through the entire canyon and still removes tons of debris each year. We ran into our friends Rachel and Chad who we were camping with on their way down from the trail and said hello but continued on.

A bit further along we ran into a woman who quickly shushed us and directed us to look up off the trail a bit. There we could see a mule deer. Mule deer are very common at Zion and not too afraid of humans. On the bus we had seen them next to the edge of the road as well. Continuing on the trail we visited lowers pools, then middle, then upper and hiked back down the same trail.

Zion has a highway running through it and it’s gates are open all night because of this. After our hike we decided to check out the small town we had passed on the way in. Outside the park you will find a bunch of cute stores for souvenirs, a grocery store for food to cook over the fire, restaurants, and hotels. It’s a really cute area and made it even more fun to stay here since there was a variety of things to do at night.

Stone Zoo Boston lite up for Christmas Zoolights


During December, The Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA sets up an event called Zoolights. They decorate the Zoo with Christmas lights and many decorations. My boyfriend and I visited, we had some hot chocolate, fried dough, and walked around. First we saw a lynx and an owl, then visited with a reindeer, the Santa’s Village set up, Canadian Flamingos and a few other animals including a baby sloth and it’s parents.

Kiwi our Sugar Glider.

ALL of my Pets!

I mentioned in my last post about my pets that it wasn't featuring all of my pets... this time I will introduce all of my pets. First, of course, are more photos of Behr, Simba, and Grizzy because they are too cute. We try to get the animals to all play, Grizzy seems oblivious and just wants to walk around and lick things. Behr and Simba are more confused and hate Grizzy's claws. Here Behr looks ready to say "Dad what the heck is that? Get it off me please!" Simba on the other hand wants to sniff him, because Simba has an innate need to smell everything, that is until Grizzy starts moving, then Simba wants him and his nails gone.

Grizzy the bearded dragon on Behrs head
Grizzy the bearded dragon on Behrs head

Grizzy the bearded dragon on Simbas back

I could not help but take a ton of photos of Grizzy because he is still growing and his beard has become a beautiful bright orange that is so unusual and gorgeous. Therefore it had to be documented. And there's Simba, all legs and meowing at us to put him down.

Grizzy the bearded dragon in the sun
Simba the cat is all legs

Grizzy the bearded dragons orange beard.

Finally the rest of my pets I keep mentioning. We have two Sugar Gliders, Kiwi and Gizmo. Sugar Gliders are marsupials who sleep in pouches and are nocturnal. When woken they are very active so getting good photos is difficult! It's even harder when they jump at the camera because they love to jump and glide. Sugar Gliders bond to their owners by scent, ours are still bonding with us, as it can take a while, but they love to come out and play. Kiwi is the more shy of the two and it often takes her longer to come play and she startles more easily - she's also easier to corral so most of these photos are of her. Gizmo is more adventurous and even more energetic easily alluding us.

Sugar Gliders cuddling by Simba our cat

Alexis with Kiwi, one of our Sugar Gliders.

Alexis with our Sugar Gliders

They wouldn't leave Alexis alone when we woke them up a little early this weekend. They kept trying to crawl up his shirt, which isn't a pleasant experience with their claws, and cuddle but at the same time would not sit still!