Margaret S. Walsh

Gratitude. Happiness. Wonder.


“For the continual vanishing away, that strange perpetual weaving and unweaving of ourselves.” Pater The Renaissance I find myself unwoven and rewoven daily but the threads of who I am and my interests never really disappear.

Arts and crafts — scrap booking — calligraphy — photography — design — math — organization — reading — research — writing — hiking — environment — fitness — yoga

As varied and tentative as the connections between interests can seem, there is a common thread that connects them all, a pull from one to the next that relates them.


In design I found a creative outlet that connected art and math, information organization and research, all to be applied to any subject. Coming to graphic design was a natural evolution, a weaving together of different pieces: Taking photos, laying out scrapbooks, organizing information in notebooks, learning calligraphy, reading, and even arts & crafts as a child. Today it gives me the tools to effectively organize and share information.


When we are still new to life the world amazes us. Each occurrence is unexpected, awe inspiring. I want to recapture that innate curiosity for the world around us and see things for more than meets the eye. In daily life and in my photography this is my goal: To be conscientious of what once was, what could be, to see small details, or the big picture, and to share this vision.

In todays world, when there are millions of photos taken daily, and studies have shown that when we take a photo with our phones we don’t make a memory of that moment, I will be thoughtful with every image I take. When you zoom you over come this inability to make a memory of that moment because you interacted with the world and thought about what you saw. I will use my Nikon D610 but with care to also experience the world around me.

For me, photography and memory have always been linked. I don’t have the best memory and I remember life better in the stills of a photo than the film reels of our lives. The imagery and writing here will be a way to revisit an idea and change perspective. 


A quick walk through the kind of content you will find in the blog:

  • Day Adventures: blog posts accompanied by images that go step by step through what happened in a day. The experience of visiting a location, playing with pets, cooking, and other similar things.
  • Visit: blog posts about visiting places with suggested road trip adventures, top places to visit in an area, more informative content on locations.
  • Natural Systems: blog posts based on research, experience, and such on our natural world, our impact on it, and what we can do for it.
  • Other: If you search you may find posts about other life topics of interest to me… more coming on that in the future!