Mount Major in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee is known for the view at the top and it does not disappoint. This easy 3.8 mi hike to the top of a 1,785 ft mountain is worth the trip no matter your skill level. The hike itself has as easy gradual incline at the beginning and picks up a little more toward the top but I would never consider it steep.

A few friends and I decided to check it out during the fall 2017 to see some foliage. While there was not a large variety of foliage along the hike when closer to the tree line there was more color. At this point some of my friends decided to play in the trees.

Once you reach the summit the view in one direction is mountains with beautiful fall foliage and the other direction is the lake. When continuing on the looped trail it can be a little confusing to find where it continues, you do have to go past the old lookout spot and find the trail on the other side.

Mount Major

1,785 ft mountain
3.8 mi loop hike
1,148 ft elevation gain
dog friendly