I know I know another one about Middlesex Fells but it’s one of the best hiking spots that’s close to home, I promise… next time will be somewhere new. I also apologize for not posting very often I’m also working on updating my portfolio website which I’ll eventually share.

This past Sunday we hit the Rock Circuit Trail in Middlesex Fells again and this time decided to do the entire trail, 3.7 miles or so since we got turned around at some point. I went with Rachel, Alexis, and Behr.

Dog sitting on some rocks in the woods in Boston

As usual I have lots of photos with Behr and his crazy tongue hanging everywhere because he’s just too cute and happy hiking. It was a beautiful warm spring day and it didn’t get much better than this.

Dog sitting on some rocks in the woods in Boston

Tree that grows funny

Right before we got to this break spot, about 40 minutes into our walk, we found this odd tree that had grow up straight a bit and then bent at more than a 90 degree angle down but part of the tree grew up a few feet into it, and to top it all off we called this tree, the butt tree, because the bottom part before it bent was split like butt cheeks. It was a beautiful reminder that not everything goes according to plan and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Rachel and Alexis pose while hiking
Happy Goofy dog face

Behr has the most expressive face he has so much personality so I just had to snap this happy tired lazy tongue on the rock face.

Man and Dog hiking
Man and Dog hiking
Alexis hiking in shilouette
Alexis walking Behr with Rachel while hiking in Boston

So if it wasn’t clear already I highly recommend this trail!