Fairy Tales are full of descriptions of wondrous worlds we wish truly existed. It’s amazing to see them come alive when different people interpret what is written visually. It’s awe inspiring to see a fantasy world look so real and tangible in film or photo when truly so far removed from our reality. I love these stories and their movie interpretations for the direct and indirect inspiration they provide.

To set the scene wide and zoom in on little details, to spend so much time building creatures and plants that don’t exist in our world but follow the same laws of physics and anatomy so much so that they truly look real. It is a fine line to walk and one that makes us feel like a fantasy place is real and make a more human connection with something that does not exist.

So many artists have created such amazing worlds interpreted from the writing of others or from within. This is my dream, what I one day strive to do with my own conceptual work, to never miss a detail, to build a fantasy world that is so believable with such great attention to detail. This is a long term goal of mine and in between I plan to just have fun learning 🙂