I decided to start this blog to embody all the things I loved to do starting from a young age. I want to recapture the pure curiosity for the world that a child has and spend more time experiencing the world around me.

Some of the things I loved most as a child were taking photos, exploring the world around me, reading and writing so here goes!

I started taking photos at a young age. My parents handed me a film point and shoot camera at age 6 and I took these silly photos of my brother, Danny, and our toys. If I could remember this moment better maybe I’d exclaim over the camera feeling just right in my hands and being life changing, but I was only 6 and I don’t remember.

I then proceeded to constantly borrow their camera. I became obsessed with animals, and like many children wanted to be a vet when I grew up. I was especially enamored of birds, so, I spent much of my time with the camera trying to take photos of birds on the bird feeder. Of course the camera was just a film point and shoot and I was standing in the kitchen shooting through a window or on the porch, so these are ridiculous photos but my parents let me take them anyways.

Then when I was in 8th grade my Uncle Mike, who is a photography enthusiast himself, I got me my own digital point and shoot. From that point forward I then proceeded to take photos of everything, my dog, my family, my friends, my moms plants in her many gardens, I’d stand in front of a tree for over an hour waiting for a chipmunk to reemerge just so I could get a closer shot.

The camera focused my attention on different things than I might have naturally taken too. I had to think about what would make a good picture and what I wanted to keep a photo of, it altered my behavior. I wouldn’t normally, even at that age, stay in front of a tree for an extended period of time just to see a chipmunk again, but my camera gave me a reason to do this. I lived those moments because of my camera, because I wanted to get the shot. I hope to reignite this effect so that shooting isn’t about just about retaining a moment, or capturing what is there, but is the very reason that moment comes to be a part of my life.